Permit Review

Project Permit Review

An application for a building permit is examined to confirm the proposed work is in compliance with the applicable requirements of the 2020 New York State Building Codes, Energy Code, City of Ithaca Zoning Ordinance and other applicable codes and ordinances.

The review process also initiates the requirement for other department approvals. The Planning Department, Fire Department, Department of Public Works, Landmarks Preservation Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Department of State, Commons Advisory Board, and the Department of Environmental Conservation may be required to review and approve a project, prior to issuance of the building permit.

It is the responsibility of the owner, architect, or contractor to comply with all aspects of the New York State and local codes. Plans and specifications must reference the 2020 New York State Building Codes.
  • Time Frame: Typically, project review is completed within 5-10 business days. For more complex projects and projects, that require other departments' review, the process may take additional time.
  • Permit Rejection: If the information in the application, plans, or specifications is indefinite or incomplete, the Code Enforcement Officer shall decline to issue the permit until the deficiencies have been corrected and re-submitted for review. Undimensioned plans shall be deemed incomplete.
  • Permit Cost: Building permits or demolition permits that total $5,000 or less incur a $35 fee. Permits above $5,001 incur a fee of $7 per each $1,000 or fraction thereof. Construction costs are based on the actual construction costs, including labor and materials.
  • Placard: Issued building permits will include a placard, required to be visibly displayed at the work site and must remain visible until the authorized work has been completed.
  • Job Site Plans: One set of the accepted construction documents will be returned to the applicant and must be kept at the work site, to be made available for use by Code Enforcement personnel.