Housing Inspections

When Housing Inspections Are Required

Housing inspections are required for all residential rental dwellings located within the City of Ithaca. This shall apply to all residential buildings including 1- and 2-family dwellings, multiple dwellings, dormitories, sororities, fraternities, and mixed use buildings with residential occupancies; including residential accessory structures, and accessory apartments in single family homes. Transient hotels and motels, mobile homes, temporary housing including but not limited to tourist camps, farm labor camps, and travel trailers are exempt from a housing inspection.

Housing Inspection Forms

The appropriate certification forms are required to be signed and dated by the authorized person and submitted to the Building Division. Please attach any additional company testing reports to these forms and submit them to the Inspector for review.

Agent Agreement and Permission forms are required to be completed, signed and dated, and the original copies returned to the Building Division prior to scheduling a Housing Inspection appointment.