Current City Planning Projects

Planning Division Projects:

  1. Chain Works District Redevelopment Project

    A regularly updated overview of the status of the Chain Works District Redevelopment Project, including a project description, project application materials, and environmental review documents.

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  2. City Comprehensive Plan

    Detailed information on the City's upcoming Comprehensive Plan, including some background and history, an overview of the comprehensive planning process, a list of Comprehensive Plan Committee members, and related documents.

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  3. Collegetown Urban Plan

    A broad overview of the history of the the Collegetown planning process, including links to the 2009 Collegetown Urban Plan & Conceptual Design Guidelines and Collegetown Area Form Districts zoning requirements.

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  1. Dredging

    Visit the City of Ithaca's Dredging Project website.

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  2. Ithaca Commons Repair & Upgrade Project

    A regularly updated overview of the history and current status of the Ithaca Commons Repair & Upgrade Project, including links to some key project documents and a link to the official Ithaca Commons Project Updates web site.

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  3. MLK Freedom Walkway

    An overview of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s relationship with Ithaca and a description of the proposed MLK Freedom Walkway.

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Other City Projects
For information on other current City projects, not directly associated with the Planning and Economic Development Division, please visit the City Projects page.