Request to Use a City Park

Request to Use a City Park
Applications can be made to the Department of Public Works to request the use of a city park other than Cass Park or Stewart Park.  Find information on reserving pavilions in Cass and Stewart Parks. You can apply for use online. Permission will be granted based upon the following requirements:
  • Depending on the size of the event you are planning, you may need to apply for one or more of the following permits:
    • Assembly Permit (PDF) from the Police Department - when 50 or more participants are expected at the event.
    • Noise Permit (Online Form) from the Mayor's Office - when amplified sound will be used during the event.
    • Food Permit from Tompkins County Health Department - if food will be commercially handled or sold (vendors must obtain this permit).
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance, in the amount of at least $100,000, naming the city as additionally insured must be provided prior to the request being considered.
  • DeWitt Park is considered a "Quiet Use Park" and use of this park is based on separate criteria (i.e. whether there is a need for a noise permit or the size of the assembly, etc.).
  • The Superintendent will make a decision to permit, deny or forward your request to the Board of Public Works for their approval. A written notification of approval or denial will be sent to the applicant. Denial appeals may be made to the Board of Public Works.