Requests to Close a City Street

Requests to Close a City Street
Applications can be made to the Department of Public Works to request the the closing of a city street for certain events. You can apply online. Permission will be granted based upon the following requirements:
  • Depending on the size of the event you are planning, you may need to apply for one or more of the following permits:
    • Assembly Permit (PDF) from the Police Department - Must be requested for all street closure events.
    • Noise Permit (PDF) from the Mayor's Office - when amplified sound will be used during the event.
    • Commons Use Permit from the Clerk's Office - if the event will be held on the Commons.
    • Food Permit from Tompkins County Health Department - if food will be commercially handled or sold (vendors must obtain this permit).
  • A petition must be circulated among the residents along the street you are requesting to close. The residents must generally agree with the closing of the street. The petition is considered part of the application process and must be submitted to the Superintendent's Office prior to final approval being made.
  • Upon approval, contact the Streets and Facilities office at 607-272-1718 to arrange drop-off and pick-up of barricades used for the street closing.
  • Removal of all trash generated during the street closure event is the responsibility of the applicant. Clean-up costs that result from failure to remove all trash will be billed to the original applicant.
  • The Superintendent will make a decision to permit, deny or forward your request to the Board of Public Works for their approval. A written notification of approval or denial will be sent to the applicant. Denial appeals may be made to the Board of Public Works.
Approved requests will be sent to the Mayor's Office, Police and Fire Departments, and Streets and Facilities.