Within the City of Ithaca, there are:
  • 70 center line miles of streets
  • 140 miles of curb
  • 5.46 square miles of land
  • About 30,000 residents
  • 57 bridges
  • 33 public parks
Public Works Truck and Crew Paving a Street

Bridge Repair

Our Bridge Crew maintains the 57 bridges currently in operation within the city. They repair bridge decks, ensure safety for motorists and pedestrians, and follow state and federal guidelines so each bridge will pass inspection.

Sidewalk Crew

The Sidewalk Crew works throughout the spring, summer and into the fall seasons replacing sidewalks throughout the city, repairing and installing handicapped accessible ramps, installing new sidewalks and assisting other city crews when necessary. Charges for repairing or installing sidewalks adjacent to private property are the property owner's responsibility and a bill will be mailed out.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

The same team that works on installing and replacing sidewalks during good weather also plow and de-ice sidewalks in the winter. It is the property owner's responsibility to keep their sidewalk clear and easily accessible for all pedestrians. However, if a sidewalk is not cleared after 24 hours after the beginning of a snow event, the sidewalk crew may come plow it. There is a minimum $50 charge per plowing.

Street Cleaning

In the spring and fall each year, staff travel the streets of the city to remove debris and make the streets cleaner for residents and visitors. Below are the policies that staff follow:
  • Each street that will be cleaned is posted with "No Parking" signs at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of cleaning. Posting typically occurs between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  •  Several signs are placed on the block.  The signs have arrows on them to indicate that the No Parking zone is in effect for the entire side of the street on the effective date written on the sign.
  •  Vehicles that remain on the street in violation of the signs will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. These vehicles are towed by local towing companies. The 911 Center can assist in locating vehicles that have been towed.
  • Street cleaning typically begins around 7:30 a.m.
  • "No Parking" signs are removed from the street immediately after the street is cleaned and parking can resume at that time.
  • Residents should watch for media and social media alerts that advertise the dates of street cleaning and sign up for TC SIREN notifications that are delivered directly to your phone.  Check on your vehicle daily and watch for  "No Parking" signs so your vehicle is not towed