Youth Development

Girl with pinwheel, boy getting ready to rock climb, and girl studying.
Our Youth Development staff and volunteers work together to provide a variety of mentoring and skills development opportunities to help youth develop to their full potential. We believe that the key to success in all of our programs is building strong relationships between youth and caring adults. We provide opportunities for youth to experience belonging in a supportive community, solve problems and meet goals, practice generosity and take responsibility for determining their own future.

The Youth Development programs include:
  • College Discovery Program: The College Discovery Program is a long-term mentoring and academic support program designed to reduce achievement gaps in the Ithaca City School District and increase access to a college education for program participants.
  • Ithaca Youth Council Ambassadors: The Ithaca Youth Council Ambassadors are a self-directed group of teens who are charged with representing youth to Ithaca's city government and advocating for youth throughout the community.
  • One-to-One Big Brothers Big Sisters: One-to-One Big Brothers Big Sisters in a mentoring program affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America that establishes and nurtures friendships between caring, responsibly adults and children with special need for such friendship.
  • Outings Program: The Outings Program is an outdoor adventure program that encourages teamwork, builds self-confidence, and fosters personal growth.
  • Paul Schreurs Memorial Program: Paul Schreurs Memorial Program is a long-term mentoring program that provides academic, personal, emotional and social support to help underrepresented youth in our community to become successful, confident, life-long learners.
  • Youth Employment Service: Youth Employment Service prepares teens for job success and connects them to opportunities.
Ithaca Youth Bureau
The IYB Youth Development Division strives to provide youth with tools they need to build a successful adult life. We believe that all youth can be physically and mentally healthy, socially and civically engaged and prepared to live economically viable lives as adults. Our staff and volunteers provide a variety of mentoring and skills development opportunities to help youth develop to their full potential.
We also lend support to discouraged youth who are struggling to find their place in the world. We strive to help youth to strengthen their natural abilities to: connect to others for support, clarify problems and cope with challenges, restore courage when lost, and build bonds of respect.