Tree Inventory / GIS

City Tree Inventory

City of Ithaca has over 13,000 trees in the city tree inventory. The city is divided into 8 management areas (Belle Sherman, Downtown, East Hill, Fall Creek, Northside, Southside, South Hill and West Hill). Routine information for each tree is updated on a 4 year cycle.

 You can now explore the urban forest with an interactive map. 


During the Summer 1996, a city-wide tree inventory was conducted under the administration of the Department of Public Works.  Since then the tree inventory has been maintained digitally.  The inventory was made geographic circa 2000 using mapping grade GPS and on-screen GIS.  The inventory is on-goingly maintained using the management system on a mobile device.


We receive many requests to use the City tree dataset for classroom projects or research purposes.  We are currently seeking to post the data in a repository for ease of use.  If you would like to use the dataset for educational purposes, please contact the City Forester.  While we try to accommodate requests, sharing the data is completely at the City's discretion and subject to a data agreement and extracting costs.

Aerial Images of Parks