Silver Maple

Silver Maple (Acer sacharrinum)
This big tree can grow 25 feet in 10 years and can eventually get to over 100 feet tall. The name of this native tree comes from the underside of the leaves which have a silvery color. This tree species was widely planted in cities in the past. However, the wood is brittle, and branches frequently come down and could damage property or hurt people. The wood of Silver maple is not very rot resistant so large trees often have trunks and large branches that are hollow due to decay. Most of the big silver maples in Ithaca have been removed because they are considered a danger. The ‘Treasure Tree’ at 308 E. Marshall Street and the ‘Gnome Tree’ at 202 Utica Street in Ithaca were silver maples that were removed for that reason. These two tree remnants are great places to visit with kids.

~contributed by Dan Klein
17 - Silver Maple