Keeping Our Watershed Safe

Preserving Our Watersheds
The mission of the City of Ithaca Water and Sewer Division is to enhance the health and quality of life in the Ithaca community by providing an adequate supply of safe water and to treat and dispose of the city's wastewater in a responsible manner. In keeping with this mission, the environmental integrity of the watershed is one of our major responsibilities.

However, the public also plays an important role in maintaining the health of our watershed. Do your part in keeping our watershed safe by avoiding these common sources of pollution that harm our waterways.

Sources that pollute the watershed:
  • Littering
  • Improperly maintained septic tanks
  • Increase in paved areas
  • Improper use of lawn, crop and garden chemicals
  • Destruction of wetlands
  • Channelized and concrete-lined drainage ways
  • Oil, antifreeze, and gas leaks from automobiles
  • Improper containment and disposal of animal waste
  • Stream bank / road bank erosion
  • Agricultural, urban and storm water run-off
Learn what you can do to help promote a healthy watershed through these tips from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (PDF).