Investigative Division

The Investigative Division of the Ithaca Police Department is comprised of 3 units: the Criminal Investigations Unit, the Juvenile Investigations Unit, and the Special Investigations Unit. Although each unit is specialized, the investigators are cross-trained, and often assist other units in serious investigations.

The Investigative Division works very closely with the Tompkins County District Attorney's Office and other law enforcement agencies. They are responsible for all evidence, including the chain of custody, and the destruction or return of the evidence once a case has been resolved; completing, submitting, and retaining all paperwork relating to federal seizures of monies and vehicles; and maintaining the department's photo files, arrest files, and sealed records files.

Criminal Investigations Unit
The Criminal Investigations Unit investigates most felony crimes including sexual assaults, burglaries, larcenies, assaults, forgeries, and embezzlement offenses. They are also responsible for the processing of crime scenes; transporting evidence to the New York State Police crime lab and chain of custody of evidence; and processing and testifying to all fingerprint evidence.

Juvenile Investigation Unit
The Juvenile Investigation Unit is responsible for investigating all crimes involving juvenile suspects. They also mediate problems involving juveniles, and make referrals to agencies dealing with children. This unit monitors gang activity in the City of Ithaca and maintains the Sexual Offender Registry.

Special Investigations Unit
The Special Investigations Unit is primarily responsible for the investigation and suppression of drug activity in the City of Ithaca. They establish the probable cause needed for search warrants and actually write the needed search warrant applications. This unit also aides in the planning and execution of the warrants.