Boards & Committees

City Boards & Committees

The City of Ithaca has many advisory boards and committees that work hard to ensure Ithaca remains the dynamic, diverse, economically viable, and historically beautiful community that it is.

In 2016 Mayor Svante L. Myrick appointed a Working Group to recommend a new committee structure that would better utilize volunteer time and energy while providing citizens with improved visibility and access into government among many other goals. On March 29, 2017, the Working Group presented its findings to Common Council and is now collecting public input on the proposal. The presentation can be found here. Please feel free to send your comments to Alderperson Deb Mohlenhoff.

If you are interested in serving on a board or committee, please print out the application form (PDF) and return it to: City Clerk's Office, 108 E. Green St., Ithaca, NY  14850.  Once we receive the the completed form, it is shared with the Mayor for consideration.  It is common for appointments to committees to take several months as most appointments are made by the Mayor subject to the approval of Common Council (Common Council only meets once per month).  Please contact the City Clerk's Office with any questions at (607) 274-6570.

Video Archive & Live Streaming

Both video archives and live streaming for Common Council, the Planning and Economic Development Committee and the City Administration Committee are available online.

  1. Common Council

    Find agendas and minutes, membership and general overview information about the Common Council.

  2. City Administration Committee

  3. Planning & Economic Development Committee

  4. Board of Public Works

    Policies and procedures for the Department of Public Works are set and revised by the Board of Public Works,

  5. Bicycle / Pedestrian Advisory Council

    Find meeting, membership and general board information.

  6. Board of Fire Commissioners

    Read membership, meeting and overview information about the Board of Fire Commissioners. Agendas and minutes are available online.

  7. Board of Zoning Appeals

    View information about meeting times and dates, membership, agendas and minutes and board duties.

  8. Cable Access Oversight Committee

    Read meeting, membership and overview information, along with agendas and minutes.

  9. Civil Service Commission

    The Ithaca Civil Service Commission oversees the administration of New York State Civil Service Law for the City of Ithaca, Ithaca City School District and Ithaca Housing Authority.

  10. Commons Advisory Board

    View meeting, membership and overview information, along with agendas and minutes.

  11. Community Advisory Group

    The Community Advisory Group (CAG) is concerned with Ithaca’s environmentally contaminated sites and has been convened to promote greater public participation in clean-up projects, and help both citizens and involved government agencies make better-informed decisions.

  12. Community Police Board

    The Community Police Board may recommend rules, bylaws and regulations for the government of the Police Department of the city, not inconsistent with the laws of this state, which may be promulgated through the Chief of Police to the whole force.

  13. Conservation Advisory Council

    The Conservation Advisory Committee provides input, assistance, comments and recommendations regarding environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for proposed actions.

  14. Disability Advisory Council

    The duties of the Disability Advisory Council is to assess the problems in the City of Ithaca that present the greatest obstacles to equal rights, access and privileges of citizens with disabilities, among others.

  1. Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission

    The Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission (ILPC) is the citizens' body charged with administering and interpreting the Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Ordinance.

  2. Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency Board

    The object of the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency shall be to carry out the functions and duties of urban renewal in and for the City of Ithaca.

  3. Natural Areas Commission

    The Natural Areas Commission supports the conservation of the designated Natural Areas within the City of Ithaca.

  4. Parks Commission

    The Parks Commission oversees other recreational organizations and represent landscape architecture, historic preservation or local history, horticulture, general ecology and recreation.

  5. Planning & Development Board

    The Planning and Development Board receive and act upon subdivision and site plan review requests, among other things.

  6. Public Art Commission

    The Ithaca Public Art Commission works closely with the Community Arts Partnership (CAP), the Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA), and the City of Ithaca in an effort to fuse creativity, artwork, and design in our everyday lives and for the enrichment Ithaca.

  7. Rental Housing Advisory Commission

    The Rental Housing Advisory Commission is responsible for recommending to the Common Council new steps to be taken to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of rental housing in the City of Ithaca, and acting as the voice of rental tenants.

  8. Shade Tree Advisory Committee

    Learn about the City of Ithaca's Shade Tree Advisory Committee.

  9. Special Joint Committee - IAWWTP

    The Special Joint Committee (SJC) oversees the operations of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

  10. Workforce Diversity Advisory Committee

    Find information about the Workforce Diversity Advisory Committee.

  11. Youth Bureau Advisory Board

    The Youth Bureau Advisory Board works to advise the Coordinator and the Mayor and assist in the procurement of federal and state funds, among other things.

  12. Youth Council

    The Youth Council Advisory Board was established to oversee the activities of the Youth Council.

  13. Additional Boards & Committees