Apply For

  1. Board or Commission Vacancy

    Find out how to apply for a city board or commission vacancy.

  2. City Employment

    Discover job opportunities with the City of Ithaca.

  3. Commons Use Permits

    Apply for a permit for use of the Ithaca Commons.

  4. Domestic Partnership

    Find information about applying for a domestic partnership in the City of Ithaca.

  5. Exterior Property Maintenance Violation Notices

    Sign-up for this notification system to receive an e-mail when an Exterior Property Maintenance violation has been cited on your property.

  6. Housing Inspections

    Access documents necessary for applying for housing inspections.

  7. Marriage Licenses

    Discover how to obtain a marriage license.

  8. Noise Permit

    You can now apply for a Noise Permit online! This is required for any use of amplified sound in the City.

  9. Special Events

    Apply for an Event Permit, required for any festival, parade, race, fundraiser, or other event taking place on public property and that is open to the public.

  10. Tree Work Permit

  11. Youth Bureau Seasonal Employment

    Looking for seasonal employment with the Youth Bureau? Find information here.

  12. Youth Bureau Volunteer Opportunities

    There are several volunteer opportunities within a multitude of programs from the Youth Bureau.