1. Agendas for Meetings

    Find agendas for meetings of city boards, committees and the Common Council.

  2. Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

    Access city annual drinking water quality reports.

  3. Building Forms

    View and download Building Division forms, applications and handouts.

  4. Building Permit Information

    Find important information about building permitting, including when an architect is required and when a building permit isn't required.

  5. City Cemetery Records

    Learn how you can access city cemetery records.

  6. Codes & Standards

    View building codes and standards utilized and enforced by the City of Ithaca.

  7. Crime Statistics & Police Forms

    Access city crime statistics and Police Department forms.

  8. Information About the Sidewalk Program

    Read about the city's sidewalk policy, including sidewalk maintenance.

  9. Maps & Demographics

    Find city maps and demographic information.

  10. Minutes of Meetings

    Find minutes for meetings of the City's boards and committees.

  11. Planning & Development Plans & Studies

    Find city-commissioned reports, studies, surveys, applications and agreements relevant to planning and economic development.

  12. Taxicab Rates & Regulations

    Find surcharge rates and city regulations concerning taxicabs.