Current City Projects

Hector Street Complete Street Project

The City of Ithaca has received $1,400,000 in federal funding assistance for a $1,700,000 project to enhance pedestrian, bicycling, and bus conditions and to improve safety along Hector Street (Rt. 79) between Floral Avenue and 500 feet past the City line towards Linderman Creek Apartments.  Key goals of this project include:

  1. Connect to the existing Hector Street sidewalk and constructing 4,100 linear feet of new sidewalk
  2. Create an uphill bike lane along Hector Street
  3. Establish 2 enhanced bus stops at Warren Place and North Taylor Place
  4. Enhance walking and bicycling conditions throughout the corridor—including across municipal boundaries via a cost-sharing agreement with the Town of Ithaca
  5. Improve traffic safety in the vicinity via select infrastructure investments in curbing, stormwater pipes, retaining walls, and street lighting

These funds were made available from the Federal Highway Administration’s Transportation Alternatives Program and are administered by the New York State Department of Transportation. The funds cover 80 percent of the cost of each project, with the remaining 20 percent coming from the project sponsor. Final engineering is scheduled for 2018 and construction is scheduled for Winter and Spring 2019.

Hector Street Complete Street Project Draft Scoping Report / Final Design Report

For more information, contact Johnathan Licitra, Sidewalk Program Manager, 274-6534.

East State Street Retaining Wall Project

The East State Street Retaining Wall Project is focused on a very large retaining wall on the south side of East State Street, just uphill (east) from the History Center and the Gateway Plaza building. The City purchased this wall over 100 years ago for a dollar. The wall is showing signs of distress and need to be rehabilitated or replaced. The current alternatives all revolve around the concept of building a new wall south of the existing wall and abandoning the existing wall in place, with the intent to minimize disturbance of East State Street and its motor vehicle traffic.

A draft scoping and design report has been prepared and much of it is available below.  Due to its size, other portions of the draft document can be made available upon request to Tim Logue at

Chapter 1 - East State Street Draft Design Report
Chapter 2 - East State Street Draft Design Report
Chapter 3 - East State Street Draft Design Report
Appendix A - Plan and Evaluation Drawings