Planned Unit Development (PUD)


The Planned Unit Development Zone is a floating zone intended to allow flexibility in zoning regulations for projects found to be beneficial to the community and expected to further the goals of the City Comprehensive Plan.

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a floating overlay zone, which may be placed within any property located within the City's Planned Unit Development Overlay District (PUDOD), if deemed appropriate by the Common Council. The purpose of the PUD is to encourage and allow more creative development of land than is possible under standard Zoning District Regulations. A PUD allows flexibility in planning and design through a process of review and discussion, ensures efficient investment in public improvements, a more suitable environment, and protection of community interest. A PUD should be used only when long-term community benefits will be achieved through high-quality development- including, but not limited to, reduced regional traffic demands, greater quality or quantity of public and/ or private open space, community recreational amenities, needed housing types and/ or configurations, and innovative designs- and for the protection and/ or preservation of natural resources. It is intended for both residential and non- residential development. There may be uses, now or in the future, which are not expressly permitted by other terms of the Zoning Ordinance, but which would not conflict with long- range Comprehensive Plan objectives, it they adhere to certain per-determined performance and design conditions. The PUD is intended to enable  these developments to occur, even though they may not be specifically authorized by City Zoning District Regulations.

The establishment of a PUD shall lie at the sole discretion of the City Common Council, as the legislative body. It shall be established by amending the Zoning Ordinance to permit it. The enactment and establishment of such a zone shall be a legislative act. No owner of land or other person having an interest in land shall be entitled as a matter of right to the enactment or establishment of any such zone.
In a PUD, buildings and land may be used for any lawful purpose permitted in the zone where it is located, plus any other uses which the Common Council may authorize upon finding that such additional uses:
  • Further the health and welfare of the community
  • Are in accordance with the City Comprehensive Plan
  • Create at least one long-term community benefit; and
  • Are located in the City's PUOD


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