Chain Works District Redevelopment Project

The proposed Chain Works District seeks to redevelop and rehabilitate the +/-800,000-SF former Morse Chain/Emerson Power Transmission facility, located on a 95-acre parcel traversing the City and Town of Ithaca’s municipal boundary.  The applicant has applied to Common Council for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) for a mixed-use district, which includes residential, commercial, office, manufacturing, and a natural area, and which consists of four primary phases: (1) the redevelopment of four existing buildings (21, 24, 33, & 34); (2) the re-purposing of the remaining existing buildings; (3) potential future development within areas of the remainder of the site adjacent to the existing buildings/parking areas; and (4) future developments within remaining areas of the site.  The project also requires a subdivision approval and approvals from the Town of Ithaca for a Planned Development Zone and site plan approval.  The proposed project exceeds the thresholds defined for Type I projects in both the State and City Environmental Quality Review Law. Type I actions carry with them the presumption that it is likely to have a significant effect on the environment. Specifically, this project exceeds the Type I thresholds as defined in Chapter 176 of the City of Ithaca Code, Environmental Quality Review Ordinance, §174- 6 B. (1) (i), (j), (k), (n), (2), (6), (7), (8) (a) and (b), and the State Environmental Quality Review Act, §617.4 (b) (2), (3), (5) (iii), (6) (i), and (iv). If you have any questions, please contact:

Lisa Nicholas

Senior Planner
City of Ithaca
Planning Division
(607) 274-6550

Chain Works District Web Site (hosted by project owner)