On-Street Parking

Parking Rates

Since July 2015, the rate for parking on the street in the City of Ithaca is $1.50 per hour.  The exception to that rule is Thurston Avenue, Stewart Avenue and Edgemoor Lane where parking is $.75 per hour.

Parking Pay Stations

In July 2015, the City installed 23 pay stations on select city blocks, replacing 346 "lollipop" meters with solar-powered pay stations, making paying for on-street parking more convenient than ever.  The new pay stations are easy to use and provide you with more payment options.  They accept coins (nickels, dimes, quarters), dollar bills ($1, $5, $10, etc.), and credit/debit cards. 

Pay stations are generally in the middle of a block, though patrons may need to cross the street to get to them.  We urge you to cross streets with caution, using the crosswalks at each intersection.  You can pay for parking at any pay station and, if you still have time left, you can move your car to any parking space in the city, metered or not.

For more information on using these pay stations, click these links:

Parkmobile App

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Parkmobile provides a new and better way to pay for parking using your smartphone. With Parkmobile’s mobile app, starting your parking transaction takes just a few seconds.

Residential Parking Permit System

The Residential Parking Permit System is for the East Hill area of the city, near Cornell University in the R1 or R2 zones.  If you live in a block that has been designated as being part of the city's Residential Parking Permit System (Zone A or B Permits), you may be able to purchase a parking permit from the City Clerk's Office. 

If you qualify, please bring proof of residency (current lease, driver's license, utility bill, etc.) and your vehicle registration.  The permit fee is $45 per year, August 1 through July 31.  Eligibility is determined by the criteria below.  Contact the City Clerk's office at (607) 274-6570 for questions about this program. 

Odd/Even Parking

Effective November 1 through April 1 of each year, no person shall park a vehicle between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the odd-numbered side of all city streets on the odd-numbered days of the calendar month, and on the even-numbered side of all city streets on the even-numbered days of the calendar month. During these months, if you wish to be notified of when Odd/Even Parking is being enforced, you may sign up for our "Odd/Even Parking Notifications" here via the City's Emergency alert system Swift911TM, or by texting "Swift911" to "99538". Be sure to select the "Odd/Even Parking Notifications" subscription list, along with any others that may be helpful to you.

To explain the Odd/Even policy in simple terms: when you park your car for the evening (before midnight) on an even-numbered day (November 10th) park on the side of the street where the house numbers are even (102,104, etc.), to avoid being on the odd side of the street at 2 a.m. on an odd day and visa versa.

Please Note: This tip does not work if you park after midnight because the date has changed, so follow the city code language. In addition, beware of the instances when the 31st of the month changes to the 1st of the month as both are odd-numbered days. Your compliance with this policy helps keep the city's streets free from accumulated snow, and free from debris. If your street only has parking on one side of the street, you may have to find parking on a nearby street on alternate days.

The City Clerk's Office has a listing of the streets that are exempt from the odd/even parking regulation. Streets marked permanently for 24-hour parking make up the bulk of these streets.