Ithaca City Code Violation Tickets

The Ithaca City Prosecutor's Office prosecutes violations of Ithaca City Code. The court does not permit these violations to be resolved outside of court.  This includes violations of the following city code provisions:
  • Noise
  • Exterior Maintenance Ordinance
  • Open Container
  • Dog (off-leash, unlicensed, harassing, barking)
  • Public Urination
  • Bike on Sidewalk
  • Park after Dark
  • Swimming in Gorges
  • Smoking
All questions about fine amounts and payments, penalties and rescheduling of court dates/ appearances must be addressed to the Court. If you have an upcoming Court date, only the City Court can excuse your appearance. For some tickets, if you fail to appear in Court, the Court may issue a warrant. If you wish to request that an upcoming appearance be rescheduled to allow time to correspond with our office, you must contact the Court directly. Contact information for the City Court can be found here.


How to Meet with a City Prosecutor

There are currently no in person meetings being held with the City Prosecutor. Contact is being conducted via e-mail until further notice.