Residential Parking Permits

City Residential Parking Permit System

Residential Parking permit applications are now available online. If you live in a block that has been designated as being part of the City’s Residential Parking Permit System (Zone A or B Permits), you may be able to purchase a parking permit from the City Clerk’s Office. Open this map and search for your address to see if your property is part of the system and if there are still permits available. If there are permits available, you can apply for a Residential Parking Permit here.

When you apply, you must upload proof of residency and a copy of your vehicle registration for your application to be considered complete. Please Note: copies of leases must be signed by both the tenant and the landlord. Our system does not support Google Chrome browser, please use a different web browser when completing your application.

Once City Clerk staff has verified your documentation and has confirmed that a permit is available for your property, they will call you to take the $45 payment via credit card over the phone. Applications with copies of the required documents can also be mailed with a check made payable to the "City of Ithaca" to: 

City Clerk's Office 
108 E. Green Street 
Ithaca, NY 14850.

Permit eligibility is determined by the criteria below: