Permit System Petitioning

Petitioning to Join the Permit System

  • Residents within the residential parking permit zone established by Common Council on May 6, 1998, are required to petition the City Clerk’s office for the establishment of a Residential Parking Permit Area.
  • A Residential Parking Permit Area within the Residential Parking Permit Zone shall be 1 permit block. Each permit block shall be established according to the block numbers, such as the 100 or 200 block of a street.
  • Only R1 and R2 zones, as established in the City Zoning Ordinance Section 325-4 of the Municipal Code of the City of Ithaca are eligible to participate in the Residential Parking Permit System.
  • A permit block is 1 city street and its abutting block faces, which differs from a city block. A city block does not include the street.
  • The permit block for a corner property shall be determined by the property’s assessment address.

Petition Eligibility

  • The petition may be requested from the City Clerk’s Office, and when returned must be signed by at least 51% of the eligible residents in the proposed permit block in order to qualify for inclusion in the permit system.
  • In an R1 zone, not more than one resident per tax parcel shall be permitted to sign the petition for the establishment of the permit system.
  • In an R2 zone, not more than one resident per dwelling unit or two residents per tax parcel, whichever is fewer, shall be permitted to sign the petition for the establishment of the permit system.
  • All eligible residents signing the petition must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A block petitioning for the permit system must hereby meet certain minimum requirements with respect to parking occupancy. The City Traffic Engineer will conduct a parking survey over two separate days during average weekly peak hours to determine that at least 75% of the legally available parking spaces are being utilized.