Street Cleaning

Spring Street Cleaning

Each Spring the Department of Public Works performs street cleaning operations, with the goal of clearing debris from city streets that could clog storm sewers and create flooding hazards.

2023 Street Cleaning begins on Monday, April 3rd. 

The schedule of streets to be cleaned can be found here.

Streets scheduled to be cleaned will be posted with “NO PARKING” signs 24 hours in advance of when the street will need to be cleared of all vehicles to accommodate the street sweepers. Vehicles must be removed from these streets by 7am on the date posted. The posted signs are intended for the entire block, so please do not think you are safe by parking in between them. All vehicles that remain on the street after the posted time will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. The base fee for a tow in the City of Ithaca is $200 and the daily storage fee after the first 24 hours is $50 per day. 

Residents who park on the street should watch for street signs and check on their cars daily.

The city will utilize Tompkins SIREN to notify residents who are subscribed to the “Street Cleaning” notification list of the streets to be cleaned each day. Enrolling in Tompkins SIREN can help to ensure that you avoid a costly parking ticket & tow. 

Sign up for TC SIREN and learn how to check your subscriptions up here!

If you will be out of town during this time, please make alternate parking arrangements for your vehicle.

In addition to TC SIREN alerts, reminders will also be posted on the city’s Facebook and Twitter