City of Ithaca Short-Term Rental Resources Page

The City of Ithaca is considering a short-term rental policy which would regulate the use of houses and apartments as rentals for less than 30 days. The city has been tracking the short-term rental market and discussing impacts and possible policy responses for several years. 

There is a strong market for short-term rentals in Ithaca, with several hundred active listings on Airbnb and other platforms. The city is seeking to take a balanced approach that would help preserve housing supply and affordability in the long-term rental and home ownership markets while allowing residents to earn income by renting out their primary residence. The city also wants to make sure to balance the potential positive and negative impacts of short-term rentals (e.g., increasing lodging supply during peak demand periods, health and safety concerns)

There have been ongoing discussions related to short-term rentals, including several presentations on the topics. We encourage you to review the slides and videos below.

Ithaca's short-term rental policy is still a draft and a work-in-progress, and the City welcomes public comments. See below for related resources, opportunities to provide input on the proposed policy, and a form for comments and questions.

Public Engagement

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There will be more opportunities to provide your feedback in early 2024, please check back for updates.

Useful Information

City of Ithaca Hotel Room Occupancy Tax

Short-term rentals are subject to a 5% city hotel room occupancy tax. This city tax is seperate from and in addition to the 5% Tompkins County hotel room occupancy tax. See this page for information on the City of Ithaca Room Occupancy tax, including instructions for registering and filing. 

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