City of Ithaca News

Posted on: October 28, 2016

Water bill reimbursements may be available.

The Board of Public Works has a approved a plan to reimburse the City's water customers who have, or will, receive a high water bill due to flushing of the discolored water over the summer months.

If your 2016 water bill for the quarter including one or more of the months of June, July, and August was higher than normal due to flushing of discolored water you may inquire about a billing adjustment with Barb Frycek, Senior Water Meter Technician at (607) 272-1717 ext 226.

In conducting a billing adjustment, the City will look at the previous five years of billing for the same quarter and will adjust the bill by the amount over the 5-year average for that same quarter. Adjustments will be made down to, but not below the minimum billing amount for the meter size/account. The adjustment will be reflected on your next quarterly water bill.

Customers seek reimbursements until August 31, 2017. Questions about this program can be forwarded to Senior Water Meter Technician Barb Frycek at (607) 272-1717, ext. 226.

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