How is the stormwater user fee calculated?

There are three categories of properties.
•Lots that contain less than 0.25 ERUs of impervious surface area (currently, 575 square feet) are exempt from the stormwater user fee.
•One-, two-, and three-family residences are assumed to contain 1 ERU of impervious surface area, and pay a flat fee of $14.25 per quarterly billing cycle (once very three months). Classification of a property as a one-, two-, or three-family residence is determined by the Tompkins County Department of Assessment.
•All other lots pay a user fee based upon the amount of impervious surface area located on the property. Lots containing 0.25 to 1 ERU pay $21.75 per quarter, and lots containing more than 1 ERU pay $21.75 per quarter per ERU, assessed in 0.25 ERU increments. (For example, a commercial property with 3,700 square feet of impervious surface area would pay $38.06 per quarter (3,700 / 2,300 = 1.60, which is rounded up to 1.75.) Owners of these lots may apply for credits against the stormwater user fee for eligible management practices or structures.

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1. How is the stormwater user fee calculated?
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