What are the criteria for reviewing a credit application?
When reviewing an application for one of the credits approved by the Board of Public Works, the Superintendent uses the following criteria:
• The proposal must demonstrate that the practice will provide a quantifiable treatment and/or runoff control benefit to the site through engineered design principles.
• The watershed subcatchment leading to the practice must be clearly defined including the area, amount of impervious cover, flowpath, and existing and proposed land use.
• The credit for a structure will be prorated based on that structure’s treatment efficiency. For example, the credit for an otherwise-qualifying structure that is designed for ten percent (10%) water quality volume treatment efficiency will be reduced by ninety percent (90%), as compared with a structure designed for 100% efficiency.
• Designs must follow the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Stormwater Management Design Manual guidelines.
• You are responsible for practice operation and maintenance. Credits for unmaintained structures will be reduced or cancelled.

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