Are stores and restaurants allowed to block sidewalks with signs and tables?
Restaurants are allowed to have outdoor dining tables if they have obtained a permit from the Superintendent of Public Works Office. Their signs are required to be located within their allotted dining area. Permit holders are required to maintain a 5ft width of unobstructed sidewalks in front of their business to remain compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Most areas will have sidewalk markings and tables, chairs, and signs must be located within those markings. Please call the Superintendent's Office at (607) 274-6527 to report any restaurants that are not complying with the requirements of their permits.

Certain areas around the Ithaca Commons are allowed to place signs, planters, and merchandise in front of their storefronts. City Code dictates how many, how large, and where these items can be placed. A five foot section of unobstructed sidewalk must be maintained for pedestrian access. If you have questions or concerns about a particular location, please contact the Superintendent of Public Works Office at (607) 274-6527.

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4. Are stores and restaurants allowed to block sidewalks with signs and tables?
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