Will this cost the taxpayers more money?

With salary and benefits the Mayor, the Mayor’s executive assistant, and the Chief of Staff cost the City approximately $213,000. Under the new structure, the full-time City Manager will earn a bit more than the Chief of Staff and the Mayor will earn slightly less than the current Mayor.  

With a full-time executive assistant to the City Manager the total cost would be approximately the same.  And because the City Manager is a professional manager, the City will become more efficient in its operations in the long run.

For comparison, note that Tompkins County pays an Administrator, two deputy administrators, and an executive assistant $655,500 per year to oversee its budget of approximately $190M, and 750 employees in 31 departments serving 105,000 residents.

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1. Why have an appointed City Manager to manage city operations instead of an elected Mayor?
2. How is this system better than the current structure, in which we have an elected Mayor and a Chief of Staff?
3. Does this system weaken the power of the voters?
4. Will this cost the taxpayers more money?
5. How will the new role of the Mayor be different from the current role?
6. How common is the City Manager role?
7. How will the City Manager be evaluated?
8. How will the City Manager be removed?
9. Will there be a Deputy or Assistant City Manager?
10. How will this change happen?