My car was towed- now what?

If your car was removed to accommodate street cleaning, the first step is to call local dispatch to see what lot your vehicle was towed to. Several independent tow companies have contracts with the city, and all charge a scheduled fee of $200, followed by a daily storage fee, so the sooner you can get your vehicle back the better! Please note that some tows require winching, or other special operations that will be charged as outlined on the fee schedule here.

Call 607-272-3245, be ready to relay information about your vehicle and what street it was removed from. They will provide you with the name of the company and a contact phone number to call to arrange for pick up of your vehicle. Please be aware that towing companies only accept cash payment. The tow companies are under agreement with the city to not exceed charges outlined here. Please be sure to obtain a copy of your towing bill, especially if you feel you were charged incorrectly. If you find that you were charged incorrectly for your tow, please alert the city clerk's office by emailing them at; or calling 607-274-6570

Your tow will be accompanied by a ticket from the city. You can view, & pay your ticket here, as well as see images of your vehicle at the time of ticketing.

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