As a bicyclist, must I ride over the Sharrows?
No, the markings simply indicate where bicyclists would be expected to ride under ordinary conditions. If bicyclists are turning left, passing other cyclists, avoiding potholes, etc., they may position themselves away from the markings. Also, if cars are not parked along the cub, bicyclists may ride well to the right of the markings - but, cyclists should not weave in and out between parked cars.

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1. What are shared lane markings?
2. Are the rules different in locations with Sharrows?
3. So, if the rules are the same, what are the benefits? What's the point?
4. As a motorist, how should I drive on streets with Sharrows?
5. As a bicyclist, must I ride over the Sharrows?
6. Where is the City of Ithaca going to install the Sharrows?
7. Why not just install standard bike lanes?
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