Is the sale of cannabis legal through a ‘gifting’ loophole in the MRTA?

No. Unlicensed cannabis sales remain illegal in New York. As the NYS Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) announced, “Recent media reports have described business operators selling a product or service, including club memberships, to consumers and providing cannabis as a “gift” in return. This activity is illegal. These violators must stop their activity immediately or face the consequences.” Among those consequences, OCM has announced that violators will “risk the opportunity to get a license in the legal market as well as substantial fines and possible criminal penalties.” OCM is seeking reports of violators to the OCM enforcement function, and IPD will report unlicensed cannabis sales in the city to OCM. For more information, see

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1. Is the sale of cannabis legal through a ‘gifting’ loophole in the MRTA?
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