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2022 Summer - IYB Recreation Program Evaluation

  1. Note:
    Please sit down with your child and complete this anonymous form. We use this valuable information when considering changes and planning in the future.
  2. If you are unsure of the name if you can at least give us the day of the week and time it meets would help us.

  3. Which Day Camp?
  4. How did you find out about the program?*

    Check all that apply

  5. If you viewed the I-PLAYcard electronically, where did you receive or see it?
  6. If you found it in the printed I-PLAYcard, where did you receive it?
  7. If web, which site?
  8. If Online, was the NEW catalog easy to access and maneuver through?
  9. 1. Are you a City of Ithaca resident?
  10. 2. The program fee was reasonable?
  11. 3. I feel / felt confident and safe (leaving my child) here.
  12. 4.a. I / My child felt welcomed in the class / program.
  13. 5.a. I / My child felt included in the class / program.
  14. 6.a. I / My child was eager to attend each session.
  15. 7. I am able to get information I need and answers to ?s I have about the class or program.
  16. 8. Participants were encouraged to be respectful of others.
  17. 9. My (child's) overall experience with the program was _________.
  18. 10. The program expectations & goals / objectives were shared.
  19. 11. I / My child made new friends.
  20. 12. Did your child take advantage of the free lunch provided during camp this summer?
  21. 13. Would you want the free summer lunch to continue?
  22. I would recommend this program to others.
  23. I plan to return for other IYB Rec Programs
  24. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback, we greatly appreciate it!
  25. Leave This Blank: