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MethodList NameDescription
City Newsletter
Civil Service Exam Announcement - FirefighterRegister to be notified of the next Firefighter examination when it is offered.
Civil Service Exam Announcement - Police OfficerRegister to be notified of the next Police Officer examination when it is offered.
Civil Service Exam Announcements - all examsRegister to be notified of civil service examinations as they are offered.
Collegetown Contruction Updates
Construction UpdatesThese updates provide information on most of the City's seasonal construction activities.
Fifth Ward NewsNews sent to residents of the Fifth Ward from their representatives on Common Council.
First Ward NewsNews sent to residents of the First Ward from their representatives on Common Council.
Fourth Ward NewsNews sent to residents of the Fourth Ward from their Common Council representatives.
GIS Interactive MapsRegister here to be notified when new data or maps are added or data is updated on the City's interactive maps. This web based mapping is planned for expansion in 2015. Sign up to receive announcements of maps available on your tablet or phone and as new maps come online.
Job OpeningsRegister to be notified of job openings as they are posted.
News & Media ReleasesSubscription list for City of Ithaca news & media releases
Public Notices from the IURANotices sent out from the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency
Second Ward NewsNews sent to residents of the Second Ward from their Common Council representatives.
Third Ward NewsNews sent to residents of the Third Ward from their Common Council representatives.

Alert Center

MethodList NameDescription
Department of Public WorksImportant information from the Department of Public Works
FireImportant information from the Fire Department
Mayor's OfficeImportant information from the Mayor's office
PoliceImportant information from the Police Department
Public Information & TechnologyImportant information from the Public Information & Technology Department

Bid Postings

MethodList NameDescription
FinanceBid notifications from the Finance Department
Human Resources
Ithaca Fire Deptartment
Ithaca Police Department
Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency (IURA)Bid postings for the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency (IURA). The IURA administers federal dollars to benefit low- to moderate-income individuals and families in Ithaca, by funding projects in housing, economic development, public facilities, and public services.
Ithaca Youth Bureau
Planning & Economic Development DivisionPlanning & Economic Development Division Mission Under the direction of the Mayor, Common Council, and the Planning and Development Board, the Planning and Economic Development Division provides City government, citizens, and others with planning services that promote timely and informed decisions on courses of action designed to further the social, economic, and environmental goals of the community, thereby enhancing the city as a place in which to live, work, conduct business, and play.
Public WorksBid postings from the Public Works Departments

News Flash

MethodList NameDescription
City of Ithaca News


MethodList NameDescription
Committee Meeting CalendarCalendar of meetings for standing committees
Newman Municipal Golf CourseCalendar of events at Newman Municipal Golf Course
Special Events

Agenda Center

MethodList NameDescription
Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory CouncilThe Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Council reviews ongoing and upcoming city projects and advises the Board of Public Works, Common Council, Planning & Development Board, Parks Commission, and other city bodies on bicycle and pedestrian issues.
Board of Fire CommissionersThe Board of Fire Commissioners oversees the management of Ithaca Fire Department apparatus, fire alarm systems, equipment, appliances, supplies, and buildings. It organizes new companies and disbands companies (with Common Council approval).
Board of Public WorksThe Board of Public Works (BPW) has authority over water, sewers, drains, streets, sidewalks, creeks, bridges, street lighting, parks, cemeteries, garbage, public buildings/property, and parking management (all subject to Common Council review).
Board of Zoning AppealsThe Board of Zoning Appeals grants or denies variances from the strict application of zoning laws. It also hears appeals concerning decisions by the Director of Zoning Administration.
Cable Access Oversight CommitteeThe Access Oversight Committee oversees various components of the Cable Franchise Agreement between the City of Ithaca and Time Warner Cable.
City Administration CommitteeA standing committee of Common Council, the City Administration Committee reviews financial and administrative issues pertaining to the City, along with the City of Ithaca workforce environment, inter-governmental relations, and human resources.
Civil Service CommissionThe Ithaca Civil Service Commission oversees the administration of New York State Civil Service Law for the City of Ithaca, Ithaca City School District and Ithaca Housing Authority.
Common CouncilCommon Council enacts and enforces any ordinance/resolution not in conflict with the Constitution or state laws. It governs the city, manages its business, protects its citizens' business/property interests, and preserves order, peace, health, and safety.
Commons Advisory BoardThe Commons Advisory Board oversees the activities that occur on the Ithaca Commons including entertainment events, outdoor dining, mobile vending, use of amplified sound and other activities that require permits from the City.
Community Police BoardThe Community Police Board (CPB) is charged by the City of Ithaca to act as a community liaison to the Police Department and actively foster positive communications between police and all segments of the community.
Conservation Advisory CouncilThe Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) provides input, assistance, comments, and recommendations regarding environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for projects being undertaken in the City.
Disability Advisory CouncilThe Disability Advisory Council assesses problems in the City of Ithaca that present the greatest obstacles to equal rights, access and privileges of citizens with disabilities.
Ithaca Landmarks Preservation CommissionThe Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission (ILPC) administers and interprets the Landmarks Preservation Ordinance to ensure exterior changes to local historic properties are compatible with their historic character and the historic district.
Ithaca Urban Renewal AgencyThe Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency (IURA) administers federal dollars to benefit low- to moderate-income individuals and families in Ithaca, by funding projects in housing, economic development, public facilities, and public services.
Natural Areas CommissionThe Natural Areas Commission supports the conservation of the designated natural areas within the City of Ithaca and advises staff and City boards on public concerns, threats to ecosystems, and opportunities to improve protective measures.
Parks CommissionThe Parks Commission makes recommendations regarding parks, open spaces, and cemeteries to Board of Public Works, Common Council, and other City agencies. It also reviews new projects or changes to the use/design, construction, and management of parks.
Planning & Development BoardThe Planning & Development Board reviews and acts on Subdivision and Site Plan Review applications. It also makes recommendations to the Board of Zoning Appeals concerning the granting of Zoning Variances and Special Permits.
Planning & Economic Development CommitteeThe Planning & Economic Development Committee is a standing Common Council committee that addresses planning, housing, land use, zoning, historic preservation, neighborhood initiatives, Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency issues, and economic development.
Public Art CommissionThe Public Art Commission (PAC) creates public art plans for Common Council adoption, develops proposals for art in public places, and advises Common Council on public art proposals for display in public spaces, public buildings, and public facilities.
Rental Housing Advisory CommissionThe Rental Housing Commission is responsible for advising Common Council on ways to improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of rental housing in the City of Ithaca.
Shade Tree Advisory Committee
Special Joint Committee - IAWWTP
Workforce Diversity Advisory Committee
Youth Bureau Advisory Board