Required Information

Construction Documents

At least two (2) sets of construction documents - drawings and/or specifications - (1 hard copy and 1 digital copy) which define the scope of the proposed work and include the tax map number, street address, and occupancy of the premises where the work is to be performed. Drawings must indicate with sufficient clarity and detail the nature and extent of the proposed work including a site plan that shows any existing and proposed buildings and structures on the site, the location of the intended work, and the distances between buildings, structures and lot lines. Note: Sufficient information must be provided to ensure the project complies with applicable code.

Document List

  • Site Plan: An accurate site plan drawn to scale, preferably a site survey, is required for projects involving construction of new buildings, additions, accessory structures, parking lots, and retaining walls. Site plans may be required to include existing and proposed conditions, including but not limited to topography, vegetation, drainage, floodplains, marshes and waterways; open spaces, walkways, means of ingress and egress, utility services, landscaping, structures and signs, lighting and screening devices; and any other information that may be required for approval.
  • Site Plan Review: A building permit is required to initiate site plan review. Projects for new construction or reconstruction of nonresidential development and residential development other than single-lot development of a single-family detached or semidetached dwelling or a 2-family dwelling are required to be reviewed by the Planning Department. Contact the Ithaca Planning Department at 607-274-6550 for more information.
  • Code Compliance: Building plans, submittals, and reference standards must be in compliance with the 2020 New York State (NYS) Building Code, Residential Code, Existing Building Code, Plumbing Code, Fuel Gas Code, Fire Code, Property Maintenance Code, and the Energy Conservation Construction Code.
  • Energy Conservation Construction Code: Compliance with the Energy Conservation Construction Code of NYS must be demonstrated for new construction, additions, and alterations. Documentation should include drawings, specifications and compliance worksheets as required in ECC §103.
  • Special Inspections: Materials that are required to be inspected, per NYSBC §1704, must be submitted by the architect and include a list of materials, special inspection agency, and the applicable reference standards required for the type of material being tested.
  • Demolition Permit: The permit application must be submitted at least ten (10) working days prior to the proposed demolition. Submittals must include photographs of the existing building, a demolition plan, and an asbestos survey. If asbestos is found a separate building permit must be obtained a licensed abatement contractor.
  • Floodplain Development Permit and Elevation Certificate: Must be submitted prior to the issuance of a building permit for residential or non-residential work involving structural or other development activities in the 100-year flood zone. An elevation certificate must be submitted for the floor of the lowest level after it is constructed.
  • Food Service Plan Review: NYS Sanitary Code requires a full plan review for new and remodeled food service establishments. For more information, contact the Tompkins County Department of Health at 274-6688.