Zoning Ordinance

The City of Ithaca first adopted the Zoning Ordinance on February 4, 1925. The ordinance was enacted pursuant to the authority and provisions of the General City Law to promote public health, safety and welfare and the most desirable use of land and to conserve the value of buildings and enhance the value and appearance of land throughout the city. The zone districts are shown on the map titled "Official Zoning Map" and the "District Regulations Chart" further defines the zone regulations and are made part of, Chapter 325, the Ithaca Zoning Ordinance.

District Regulations Chart *

The Official city of Ithaca Zoning Map is for illustrative purposes only. To see a listing of individual zones and regulations please go to the following web page: List of Individual Zones & Regulations 

*IMPORTANT: The Zoning District Regulations Chart listed above does not include the following regulations: Collegetown Area Form Districts (CAFD) (PDF)

To find the zone designation for a property, use the Resident Guide.

The following are printable versions of the zone regulations contained in the District Regulations Chart. These versions are for your convenience and is not inclusive of all the regulations for the respective zone or parcel. For more information or to view the City of Ithaca Zoning Ordinance see Chapter §325.