City Attorney

City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney's Office:

  • Provides legal advice and counsel to the City Manager and Common Council, to city departments and officers, and to city boards and committees, on any pertinent subject.
  • Ensures that the city is effectively represented in all legal actions and proceedings brought against or involving the city (including labor and employment disputes), and in the prosecution of actions by the city.
  • Attends meetings of the Common Council and of other Boards & Committees as necessary.
  • Researches, drafts and reviews proposed legislation, policies and procedures, and provides interpretation of existing laws.
  • Reviews contracts, deeds and other agreements to which the city is or may be a party, for legal sufficiency.
  • Reviews Freedom of Information requests (which are to be submitted to the City Clerk).
  • Reviews the legality of all bills or claims presented to the Common Council.
  • Oversees the office of the City Prosecutor
  • Provides other professional services as directed by the City Manager or Common Council.


The City Attorney prosecutes and defends actions and proceedings by and against the City and every department thereof. The City Attorney is the official legal advisor of the City Manager, Common Council, boards and committees, and other officers of the city.


To ensure that the city and its departments, officers, boards and committees receive sound and timely legal advice, assistance and representation.

Please note, the City Attorney does not provide legal advice to members of the public.