School District Taxes

Ithaca City School District Taxes - the City of Ithaca DOES NOT collect current year school taxes.

Bills are mailed by the school district on or about September 30. Please read your bill carefully - Tompkins Trust Company has been the designated receiver for School District taxes for a number of years.
  • Due: October 1 through October 31 without penalty. Due date may be extended into November; call the district tax office at 607-274-2217 for actual due date.
  • Penalties: 2% in November, 3% in December. After unpaid bills are returned to the city for collection in January, additional penalties of 1% per month, plus 5%, compound through October.
  • Where to pay:
    • For current year taxes, from October through December, pay Ithaca City School District, to the address or to area banks as listed on the bill.
    • Payments cannot be made between the end of December and about January 25 of each year.
    • Starting January for prior October's taxes, pay at City Hall:
      City Chamberlain's Office
      108 E. Green St.
      Ithaca, NY, 14850
      Ph: 607-274-6580.