Vendor Information

City Public Purchasing Policy
The city's Public Purchasing Policy has the following main objectives:
  • Protection of public financial resources by obtaining the best work, service or product at the lowest possible price
  • Prevention of favoritism, fraud and corruption
Vendors are welcome to make an appointment to introduce their company, products, or services to the city.

To be placed on the city's bid list, vendors should fill out the Request to be Placed on Vendor List form.

Purchase Order System
The city uses a purchase order system for procurement of goods and services over $500. If the product or service is under $500, the city is not required to have a purchase order for purchase.

For large purchases, the city is required by General Municipal Law, Sections 103 and 104, to follow certain guidelines. The city is required to bid purchases of materials over $10,000 and bid public work contracts over $20,000. There are exceptions to the bid limits; including emergencies, professional services, mandated services, sole source, state / county contracts and leases.

For bids and formal request for proposals, the city is required to advertise in the city's official newspaper, The Ithaca Journal. Vendors should look in the newspaper's legal section for future bid items.

The city typically bids for the following:
  • Large equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Construction projects
  • Chemicals
  • Uniforms
State Contracts
The city typically uses state contracts for the following:
  • Computer equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Office equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Salt
  • Fuel
Awarding Contracts
For bids, the City is required to award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder that meets the specifications. Responsible means:financially responsible; accountable; reliable; sufficient resources; skill; judgement; integrity; responsive; and moral worth. For non-bid purchases, quotes will be obtained and the award should be made to the vendor with the lowest price. If selection of vendor is not to the lowest quote, factors in determining the vendor are as follows:
  • Price
  • Quality of goods
  • Benefit versus cost
  • Contract out or in-house work
  • Lease or buy
  • Buying goods that save the environment
  • Buying energy-efficient items
  • Service / Maintenance cost