Pavilion Rentals

Please note, reservations for the Cass Park and Stewart Park pavilions are made through the Ithaca Youth Bureau. Reservations are taken on the 1st business day of that year and the rental season is April 15th - October 15th.  Please call (607) 273-8364 for more information. For your convenience reservation forms are available here.


 If you are holding a fundraiser or other event (open to public), such as chicken BBQ or similar activity, you must rent the pavilion exclusively.  If your event is open to the public, requires 3 or more permits, then contact the Clerk's Office to complete our Special Event Application (607-274-6570) or review the application information at:  

Amplified Sound:  If you are having amplified sound at your event, you will need to have a Noise Permit.  Mayor's Office (607-274-6501) and the application available at:
Inflatables, etc.:  Are you renting a bounce house, dunk tank or inflatable? A Certificate of General Liability in the amount of $1 million, naming the City of Ithaca as an additional insured is required prior to your event in addition to a Waiver of Liability and Release Form.  

Tents/Signs:  For tents large than 20 x20, contact the Building Division (607-274-6508 and the application is available at:; contact Dig Safely New York at least 2 working days before the tent installation: or call 811 for phone information.  

Alcohol:  If you will be providing alcohol at your event, the city of Ithaca requires that a Waiver of Liability be signed at the time of the reservation being completed.   If you plan to sell alcohol, tickets/vouchers for alcohol special permission is required for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on City property.  Proof of a liquor license from the NYS Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) and liquor liability insurance are required.  The City will only approve the sale and consumption of alcohol during an event in a venue that includes a controlled, clearly defined containment area.  Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 607-274-6570.


-     Reservations may not be transferred, assigned or sublet to another individual or organization.  
-     Stewart Park opens at 8:00 a.m., closes at 10:00 p.m.
-     Dogs are allowed on a leash in Stewart Park/Cass Park, BUT ARE PROHIBITED IN THE BIRD SANCTUARY AREAS.
-     Please park all cars/vans/service vehicles only in designated parking areas.  The fields at Stewart Park/Cass Park may be soft/wet due to weather, please take all necessary precautions to protect the lawns from damage during your event/rental. 
 -     You may use the large BBQ with your Large Pavilion Reservation, but you must provide your own grates.  Check with local rental company or local church.  
-     The sale of goods and/or services within the park is prohibited, except as follows:  The grounds and facilities at Stewart Park/Cass Park may not be used by an individual, group or organization to raise money except that a not-for-profit group or organization may schedule one (but note more than one in a calendar year) chicken BBQ or similar activity.
-     No space heaters or propane/kerosene heaters are allowed in or around the pavilion including the pavilion "porch".
-     If your reservation is last of the day, please shut all doors and turn off lights when leaving.
-     All picnic tables must remain in the Stewart Park Large Pavilion and if you have moved the picnic tables around inside, they must be returned to their original places.
-     The use of staplers, tacks, nails and/or glue is prohibited on the pavilion or on the tables; please only use allowable adhesive products for decorating, such as:  non-residue producing tapes (painters tape). 
-     Carry In/Carry Out garbage.  Please remove all garage/recycling, decorations, leftover food, etc.
-     The sale of alcoholic beverages, tickets/vouchers for alcohol is prohibited unless all prior requirements of the City Clerk have been met prior to reservation.
-     The possession and use of alcoholic beverages is allowable, but you must provide a signed Waiver of Liability to the City Clerk prior to the event; an alcohol permit may be required.
-     Any physical damage to the pavilion after your group use will be subject to additional fees/charges for any such damage.
-     If additional cleaning or garbage removal is required after your rental of the pavilion, you will be subject to the minimum cleaning charge of $50.00, plus $50.00 per hour of staff time.
-     The City reserves the right to require a deposit or security bond for future reservations based on your current use and treatment of the pavilion.

Cass Park Pavilion

The Cass Park pavilion is located right off Route 89 across from the inlet. There is a barbecue pit (bring your own grates) as well as a couple of picnic grills, bathroom, drinking fountain, and playground located right near the pavilion. There is no electric service at the pavilion.

There are approximately 18 picnic tables which seat about 6-8 people. 
Cass Park Pavilion Reservation Form
Cass Pavilion

Stewart Park - Large Pavilion

The pavilion is in the heart of Stewart Park just off the exit on Route 13. It is located near the front of the park beside the lake on the right as you enter.

There are 20 picnic tables inside the pavilion and several around the outside of the pavilion which seat about 6-8 people each. There are 2 long serving tables inside as well. There are also a number of picnic grills surrounding the pavilion as well as a large barbecue pit (bring your own grates) for your cooking needs.

There is a ramp on the park entrance (northeast) side of pavilion. There are bathrooms located right inside the pavilion building. 
Stewart Park Large Pavilion Reservation Form
Stewart Park Large Pavilion Floor Plan
Stewart Park Large Pavilion
Stewart Park - Small Pavilion
The pavilion, also known as the Tea Pavilion, is in the heart of Stewart Park just off the exit on Route 13. It is located toward the back of the park in the playground area.

There are 9 picnic tables inside the pavilion and several around the outside of the pavilion which seat about 6-8 people each. There are also a number of picnic grills surrounding the pavilion for your cooking needs.

Bathrooms are accessible at the maintenance building.

Stewart Park Small Pavilion Reservation Form
New Stewart Park Sm Pav Pic