Programs Provided

Community Based Mentoring
Community Based Mentoring is the biggest aspect of what we do at One-to-One BBBS. Volunteers provide Littles with one-to-one time and attention in our community. Bigs and Littles usually meet once per week for a couple of hours. During these outings, matches participate in a variety of fun, recreational, and educational activities. What matches do depends on what they like, but they each benefit from learning about each other, discovering new interests and skills, and forming a true friendship together.

Each match is supported by a trained and compassionate "Match Support Specialist" who assists in breaking the ice between new volunteers and families, helping with communication and activity ideas throughout the match, and is always around to help volunteers and families with any concerns or needs they may have.

The one-to-one attention provided by this type of relationship is of enormous value to all children, families, and adult volunteers who participate in our program. We encourage all kind people with some time to dedicate to a child, to give this program a try.

While You Wait Saturdays
We have a large number of children who are in search of a Big Brother or Big Sister, and although there are always some selfless and fantastic volunteers coming through our doors, the kids tend to have to wait a while before a suitable Big is found. We definitely do not want the children and families to lose touch with us while they wait, and we like to be sure that we know the child as well as we can before deciding on a compatible Big.

So, we offer to all of our waiting children a little program called "While You Wait Saturdays". It happens on guess what? Saturday! and it is a great opportunity for Littles to get to know program staff, to interact and befriend other children on our wait list, and to just have fun. The program runs almost every Saturday during the college semesters, and features a number of fun sports activities, arts and crafts, outside groups coming to entertain and educate, field trips, and more.

Our 2 wonderful Big Brothers Big Sister Clubs, at both Cornell University and Ithaca College, donate their time on these Saturdays to come down hang out with the kids for these programs. We encourage all families on our wait list to come down and experience at least one While You Wait Saturday, and even provide transportation for those children who can't make it on their own, and grab themselves a seat in the van! You never know what fun surprise awaits you on Saturday at the IYB!