Job Descriptions

Please Note: that our job descriptions are available online for informational purposes only. They do not reflect current job vacancies.

D - F

  1. Deputy City Chamberlain (PDF)
  2. Deputy City Clerk (PDF)
  3. Deputy Controller (PDF)
  4. Deputy Director of Economic Development (PDF)
  5. Deputy Director of Human Resources (PDF)
  6. Deputy Director of Planning and Development (PDF)
  7. Deputy Fire Chief (PDF)
  8. Deputy Greater Ithaca Activities Center Director (PDF)
  9. Deputy Police Chief (PDF)
  10. Deputy Youth Bureau Director (PDF)
  11. Director of Code Enforcement (PDF)
  12. Director of Engineering Services (PDF)
  13. Director of Facilities III (PDF)
  14. Director of Health Services and Wellness (PDF)
  15. Director of Human Resources (PDF)
  16. Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations (PDF)
  17. Director of Information and Instructional Technology (PDF)
  18. Director of Planning and Development (PDF)
  19. Director of Public Information and Technology (PDF)
  20. Director of Sustainability (PDF)
  21. Director of Transportation and Parking (PDF)
  22. Electrical Inspector (PDF)
  23. Electrical Technician (PDF)
  24. Electrician (PDF)
  25. Employee Health and Safety Coordinator (PDF)
  26. Engineering Technician (PDF)
  27. Environmental and Landscape Planner (PDF)
  28. Environmental Engineer (PDF)
  29. Equity Talent Acquisition Specialist (PDF)
  30. Event Permit Specialist (PDF)
  31. Executive Assistant (PDF)
  32. Executive Assistant for Athletics (PDF)
  33. Executive Assistant to the City Attorney (PDF)
  34. Executive Assistant to the Mayor (PDF)
  35. Executive Chef (PDF)
  36. Executive Director - Ithaca Housing Authority (PDF)
  37. Exterior Property Maintenance Inspector (PDF)
  38. Facilities and Maintenance Manager (PDF)
  39. Family Self-Sufficiency Program Case Manager (PDF)
  40. Financial Clerk (PDF)
  41. Financial Management Assistant (PDF)
  42. Fire Chief (PDF)
  43. Fire Lieutenant (PDF)
  44. Firefighter (PDF)
  45. Fleet Manager - City of Ithaca (PDF)
  46. Fleet Manager - Ithaca City School District (PDF)
  47. Food Service Courier (PDF)
  48. Food Service Helper (PDF)
  49. Forestry Technician (PDF)

G - J

K - P

R - S

  1. Receptionist - City of Ithaca (PDF)
  2. Receptionist - Ithaca Housing Authority (PDF)
  3. Recreation Attendant (PDF)
  4. Recreation Facility Maintainer (PDF)
  5. Recreation Facility Maintenance Worker (PDF)
  6. Recreation Maintenance Supervisor (PDF)
  7. Recreation Program Administrator (PDF)
  8. Recreation Program Assistant (PDF)
  9. Recreation Program Coordinator (PDF)
  10. Recreation Program Leader (PDF)
  11. Recreation Program Specialist (PDF)
  12. Registered Professional Nurse (School) (PDF)
  13. Sanitation Worker (PDF)
  14. School Bus Dispatcher (PDF)
  15. School Bus Driver (PDF)
  16. School Bus Mechanic - Bus Driver (PDF)
  17. School Bus Rider (PDF)
  18. School Bus Route Coordinator (PDF)
  19. School Business Executive (PDF)
  20. School Crossing Guard (PDF)
  21. School District Clerk (PDF)
  22. School Lunch Cook (PDF)
  23. School Lunch Director (PDF)
  24. School Lunch Manager (PDF)
  25. School Lunch Specialist (PDF)
  26. School Secretary (PDF)
  27. School Tax Collector (PDF)
  28. Senior Account Clerk - Typist (PDF)
  29. Senior Account Clerk (PDF)
  30. Senior Clerk (PDF)
  31. Senior Code Inspector (PDF)
  32. Senior Community Service Officer (PDF)
  33. Senior Geographic Information System Specialist (PDF)
  34. Senior Plan Examiner (PDF)
  35. Senior Planner (PDF)
  36. Senior Typist (PDF)
  37. Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (PDF)
  38. Senior Water Meter Technician (PDF)
  39. Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator (PDF)
  40. Shuttle Van Driver (PDF)
  41. Sidewalk Program Manager (PDF)
  42. Specialist in Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities (PDF)
  43. Stock Room Clerk (PDF)
  44. Stock Room Manager (PDF)
  45. Storekeeper (PDF)
  46. Stormwater Engineer (PDF)
  47. Student Aide (PDF)
  48. Superintendent of Public Works (PDF)
  49. Supervising Customer Service Representative (PDF)
  50. Supervisor of Custodians (PDF)
  51. Supervisor of Electrical Services (PDF)
  52. Supervisor of Streets (PDF)
  53. Supervisor of Water and Sewer Operations (PDF)
  54. Sustainability Planner (PDF)
  55. Systems Administrator (Ithaca City School District) (PDF)

T - Z