Public Education & Outreach

City Public Education & Outreach
This initiative requires proper public education to address the importance of watershed management and stormwater pollution control as a vital element of the city's overall stormwater management plan. By targeting specific audiences such as the general public, businesses, students, contractors, and developers, measurable improvements can be achieved simply through the ability to understand the problem at hand. Normal day to day routine can be modified to incorporate just a few simple practices that will make a difference.

The city participates in approximately 10 different environmental events throughout the year to provide valuable information to the general public. Posters, brochures, informational kiosks, and even hands on demonstrations and classroom exercises become the first line in defense to address many stormwater and ecological concerns. Listed below are just some of the many examples of educational information provided.

Education Information Examples

Local Area Organizations

The city is also actively involved in several area organizations who help to coordinate many of the area educating the public. Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, the Intermunicipal Organization, and the local Tompkins County Stormwater Coalition transfer information, host training and educational seminars and seek financial grants for local municipalities to better assist them in educating or performing services for the public.

Simply by doing your part in picking up pet wastes, ensuring proper disposal of automotive fluids, recognizing that storm drains are a direct links to our waterways, and keeping a watchful eye out for land disturbances that can cause sediment migration can make a difference. 

For more information, contact Roxy Johnston at 607-273-4680.