Right Tree, Right Site

Utility providers must trim trees due to safety and service reliability concerns related to high voltage overhead utility lines but the result can be unsightly. In addition, the long term health of the tree can suffer and it can lead to decay in the branches and trunk of the tree. The City of Ithaca now avoids these utility conflicts by no longer planting trees that mature at a tall height under high voltage overhead lines.

City of Ithaca is removing some trees that have experienced severe utility pruning and as a result are in poor health or have evidence of decay. These trees will be replaced with trees that will mature at a lower height. This program will ensure there are healthy, beautiful & safe trees on our city streets which will not conflict with utility service or safety in the future.

In 2014 City of Ithaca was awarded an Urban and Community Forestry Grant from the Department of Environmental Conservation to help pay for the cost of replacing these damaged trees. Tree removals will take place in winter of 2014-2015 and new trees will be planted in spring 2015.