Special Events

City Event Permitting
A wide variety of events and activities have chosen to make Ithaca their home due to its natural beauty, diverse cultures, and the variety of locations available for use. Each of these events helps to contribute to the dynamic atmosphere found only in Ithaca

Any festival, parade, race, fundraiser, or other event taking place on public property and that is open to the public requires a permit.  A Special Event permit is needed when an event would require 3 or more separate permits from the City.  The Special Event Permit Application is available here.  There are up to three phases of permit application submission, review and consideration.  The electronic permit applications and corresponding e-mails will guide you as you continue through the process. 

Please Note: The City of Ithaca will only approve one event per calendar day that requires the use of City resources.  Please check for potential event dates on the special event calendar to the right.
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You can find more information about the Special Event process and fees by using the links on the left sidebar of this page.

On behalf of the City of Ithaca, we thank you for contributing to the spirit and vitality of our city. Best wishes for a successful event!