Hospitality Employment Training Program


At H.E.T.P., we train all our participants to be work ready in the hospitality industry and office administrative work. They receive over 60 hours of instruction in skills and certifications in the hospitality industry and office administrative work. Participants get up to 120 hours of on-the-job training and coaching.

Participants learn and receive training and certifications in various areas like Resume Workshops, Mock Interview Coaching, Food/Beverage Certification (case by case), Customer Service Training, Computer Proficiency Classes, Business Tours, Etiquette Courses, Conflict Management, Empathy/Emotional Intelligence, Transferable Skills to Other Careers.

Perks to joining include:

We pay for interview clothes and clothing related to the job you want to obtain—for example, Non-Slip Shoes, Slacks, Blazers, etc. & We will pay for haircuts to ensure participants look sharp for interviews.

We will pay for Childcare! Childcare is often a huge barrier to employment, and we want to ensure our participants can make it to class daily.

We will provide bus passes to ensure you can make it to class daily.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and can be submitted via mail, email, fax, or in person to Charlene Santos, H.E.T.P. Program Coordinator.

HETP Application

Our next Cohort will begin MID-FEBRUARY 2024; please get in touch with Heather or Charlene for further information.

Email: or
Phone: (607)272-3622 
Fax: (607)-272-0250


At H.E.T.P. we understand Employers strive for higher productivity, quality improvement, the reduction of learning time, industrial safety, and turnover reduction, and to establish and maintain employees. At H.E.T.P., we want to help alleviate the stress of training, worrying about turnovers, and much more. Through our services, we enable potential workers to be more effective employees. Partnering with H.E.T.P. will give you a say in the most valuable training areas. You will gain new partnerships and participate in a program serving an ever-growing industry in Tompkins County.

  •  HETP will subsidize trainee wages for up to 120 hours at 80%, and the employer will subsidize the additional 20% of trainee wages. (*Varies based on business/organization size)
  •  Hire trainees full-time/long term after or anytime during the internship
  • Interview trainees with no obligation to accept them if they are not a good match

If a partnership is an interest, please fill out this form

Additional Information:  

H.E.T.P. 2024 Pamphlet

H.E.T.P. Employer Flyer 2024

HETP Application