Public Art

Southside Mosaic Mural Project Proposal


The Mosaic Mural Project is coordinated and supervised by a Southside Community Center ( leadership team that includes Dr. Nia Nunn (Board President), Nydia Boyd (Executive Director), Jasmine Jay (BGA Administrator), and community artist Annemarie Zwack ( This project is the result of a group of incredible young people that have collaborated to design, create, and install a piece of public art on Southside's exterior wall that faces the intersection of Plain St. and Cleveland Avenue. Within the last year, Southside has evolved our service to the community, honored our mission and Afrocentric philosophy, with a focus on unapologetically Black Girl specific work. This work recognizes that when the community prioritizes the voices and work of Black women, everybody benefits.

With a grant recently awarded from the NoVo Foundation in New York City, we have begun to launch series’ of programs, projects, and events that create a culture of sisterhood and innovation that fosters Black Girl leadership and empowerment in Ithaca, NY. We are calling this initiative and the girls who participate Black Girl Alchemists: human beings creating and transforming through a seemingly magical process.

Black Girl Alchemists use their voices through spoken word, writing, dance, and art to create/demand space for visibility. Especially and specifically because it has been denied in predominantly white spaces, such as Ithaca, NY. Black Girl Alchemists directly participate and shape how this initiative evolves because at Southside Community Center we prioritize uplifting the leadership abilities of Ithaca's Black daughters. The Mosaic Mural Project acts as an exciting and timely part of our Black Girl Alchemist initiative. We know that giving young Black girls the power, space, and tools to create and shape their experiences, as well the physical spaces around them we will contribute to the culture of sisterhood, leadership, and liberation worldwide.

There will be 3 panels that are 4’ x 6’ and 5 panels that are 3’ x 6’. All panels are vertical orientation. They are to be mounted in 3 separate frames: the first (from left to right) will be 6’ x 6’; the second (middle) frame will be 9’ x 6’; and the third will contain the 3 4’ panels and measure 12’ x 6’. The mosaic is proposed for installation on the front of the Southside Community Center, on the brick wall facing Plain St. to the right of the front doors (near the ramp).