Traffic Tickets

The Ithaca City Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes traffic tickets within the City of Ithaca and as part of that responsibility also makes offers to resolve tickets in writing. Please note that written dispositions can only be accommodated in cases in which the charges do not involve misdemeanors. If you are charged with any misdemeanor, including Driving While Intoxicated or Aggravated Unlicensed Operation you must appear in person in Court. To confirm that your ticket is a City of Ithaca ticket, check the bottom left of your ticket to be sure it says 'Ithaca City Court' . The following applies to traffic tickets in the City of Ithaca that are not misdemeanors. 

PLEASE NOTE: Parking tickets are handled through the Chamberlain's Office. Appeals can be done online  here:

All questions about fines, penalties and rescheduling of court dates/appearances must be addressed to the Court. If you have an upcoming Court date on a traffic ticket, only the Court can excuse your appearance. If you fail to appear in Court, the Court can suspend your driver license. If you wish to request that an upcoming appearance be rescheduled to allow time to correspond with our office, you must contact the Court directly. Contact information for the Ithaca City Court can be found here

How to Request an Offer to Resolve Your Traffic Ticket Pending in Ithaca City Court

Due to the large volume of the traffic caseload we only respond to email requests. Please do not use mail, fax or phone calls to solicit an offer.   Please do not contact the Tompkins County District Attorney, the Tompkins County Attorney, or the Ithaca City Attorney- only the Ithaca City prosecutor.

To confirm that this is the correct court, check the bottom left of your ticket- it should state that the matter is scheduled for Ithaca City Court, 118 East Clinton Street.  If it is for another court, this process does not apply.

To request a reduction of a traffic charge you can choose to email the City Prosecutor’s Office with the following material:

  • Create an email to with the subject “Traffic Ticket- (lastname)”, with the driver’s surname instead of “lastname”
  • An attachment with a legible copy of your traffic ticket. Include a second page supporting deposition if there is one.  Keep the original for your files.
  • An explanation as to why a reduction is appropriate.
  • A copy of your driving abstract from the Department of Motor Vehicles, which may be obtained from any of the 62 NY counties’ DMV office.
  • If the ticket involved a motor vehicle accident, a letter from your insurance company stating all property/personal injury damages have been paid in full.

Email correspondence may be sent to Please do not use mail, fax, or a phone call. While you should receive a prompt response, if you do not receive a reply within one week, please resend.

Once you receive the City Prosecutor’s proposal, you may choose to accept it by following the instructions included in the email.  If you reject the proposal, please advise the Court and they will inform you of your trial date. All offers are final.

Please note that failure to follow these instructions will delay in the disposition of the ticket, which could result in a suspended license.

All questions about fines, penalties and rescheduling of court dates/appearances must be addressed to the Court. If you cannot pay the fine or have questions regarding payment of the fine you will need to contact the Court directly to make payment arrangements.

If you are curious about the effect of a conviction for a traffic offense on your license contact the DMV either in person or visit the DMV website. Please note that the District Attorney’s Office cannot provide any advice as to the DMV consequences of a conviction of a traffic ticket. Our office does not have access to the DMV computer system and cannot tell you how many points you currently have on your license.

How to Meet With City Prosecutor

There are currently no in-person meetings being held with the City Prosecutor. Contact is being conducted via e-mail until further notice.