Honor Guard

The Ithaca Police Department Honor Guard was created to formally represent the Police Department at funerals, parades, ceremonial functions, and other special events. The Honor Guard establishes ceremonial protocols for official functions that the Ithaca Police Department participates in. The Honor Guard renders honor to deceased department personnel, local officials, and service members whenever possible, and endeavors to render honors and provide support to members of the Law Enforcement and public safety community killed in the line of duty. Honor Guard presence is usually requested on very short notice, so members of the unit must be prepared to represent the department expeditiously.

Members of the Honor Guard train with other members of the unit to remain proficient in practices and maneuvers. Members are required to keep and maintain the required uniforms and equipment at the utmost pristine conditions. The Ithaca Police Department Honor Guard is a unit of high esteem and pride, and the officers chosen to represent the Ithaca Police Department in such a capacity are proud to honor those that went before and those that will come after.

 Sgt. Barry Banfield
 Ofc. Mike Meskill
 Ofc. Steve Daley
 Sgt. Kevin Slattery
 Ofc. Caprice VanAuken
 Ofc. Nick Lopez
 Sgt. Tom Condzella
 Ofc. James Davenport
 Ofc. Ryan Card
 Ofc. Michaela Conrad
 Ofc. Jolene Betts