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Posted on: December 3, 2021

Common Council Approves Labor Contract Between the City of Ithaca and Police Benevolent Association


Common Council Approves Labor Contract Between the City of Ithaca and Police Benevolent Association

On December 1, 2021, Common Council approved a labor contract between the City of Ithaca and the Police Benevolent Association for a ten‐year term commencing January 1, 2014 and expiring December 31, 2023.

“This deal is another example of the City investing in its employees” said Mayor Svante Myrick. “Policing is not an easy job.  It requires dedicated, proactive, community-minded professionals who put public well-being ahead of professional glory.  Successful policing in this challenging time is most often about relationships, trust, training, and even-handed restraint and accountability.  This deal is a big step towards recruiting and retaining the right officers for the job."

"I asked the City’s negotiating team to share some thoughts on this once-in-a-generation deal.”  City Attorney Ari Lavine, who chaired negotiations on behalf of the City, shares “Labor contracts settle at the intersection of the possible and the necessary.  This is fully a decade in the making and presents all involved with a rare opportunity for a far-reaching, multifaceted reset.  I hope we all will seize this moment. I also want to extend my particular thanks to Jim Roemer for his tireless work across many years to get this deal done.”

Acting Police Chief John Joly adds “This deal will help put years of tension between the City and PBA behind us, greatly improve morale in the Department, and help us fill current and future vacancies with candidates of the highest quality and character. I would like to thank the City’s negotiating team and the PBA’s for working so hard to get this deal done.”

HR Director Schelley Michell-Nunn observes “I very much hope that this deal will be a shot in the arm for morale, recruitment, long-term staffing levels, and frankly an ability to see beyond the corrosive day-to-day effects of the deep rut we have collectively been stuck in.”  

City Controller Steve Thayer shares “This deal comes with a hefty price tag up front, but also delivers crucial long-term savings through our Municipal Health Insurance Consortium and the Excellus Platinum Plan.  It closely matches Police to Fire salary and health insurance participation across the last decade, and then builds forward with substantial salary increases that recognize the urgent staffing needs posed by IPD’s current recruitment challenges. All told, this deal is in the City’s best interest.”

PBA President Tom Condzella said “After nearly a decade of impasse and negotiations the Ithaca Police Benevolent Association is excited and thrilled to sign this contract settlement agreement with the City of Ithaca."

"Labor and the right to collectively bargain are hallmarks of the middle class and our commitment to workers and taxpayers. Together this agreement represents hundreds of hours of collaboration, negotiation, compromise, and teamwork.”

"We applaud the Ithaca Common Council for ratifying this contract and understanding the need to create stability within the Ithaca Police Department. Recruitment is hard, retention is instrumental, and this one step forward to recruiting and retaining the best police officers to serve and protect our amazing community and to advocate for the rights of victims of crimes.

"The hardworking men and women of the Ithaca Police Benevolent Association and the Ithaca Police Department look forward to many more years of purposeful, professional, and proactive public service to keep our city safe.”

The terms of the PBA contract can be found here.


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