How can I reduce my stormwater user fee?
The most effective way to reduce your stormwater user fee is to reduce the amount of impervious surface area on your property. For example, you could install a green roof or replace a concrete or gravel parking area with permeable pavers. All lots with less than ¼ of an ERU (currently 575 square feet) of impervious surface area are exempt from the user fee entirely.
The owner of a property that is not a one-, two-, or three-family residence and that has more than ¼ of an ERU of impervious surface area has another option available. In addition to reducing the amount of impervious surface area on your property (which can have a direct effect on the calculation of your stormwater user fee by reducing the number of ERUs for which you are billed), you can apply for a credit for certain engineered stormwater practices or structures on your property that provide quality treatment and/or quantity attenuation of the stormwater runoff from your property.
The application for a credit is available online in both Excel and PDF formats and in the office of the Superintendent of Public Works at City Hall. There is an application fee of $200 plus 10% of the calculated user free credit to pay for a portion of the staff time and processing costs involved in reviewing the request, including verifying calculations and conducting a field inspection. You will need to fill out the entire application and provide the Superintendent with information regarding your stormwater practice or structure. The application lists the practices or structures that the Board of Public Works has already made eligible for credits, and you can also request that the Board consider a practice or structure not already on the list.

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